You control your happiness


Happiness…Happiness is a vibe, a mood, a complete whole state of euphoria that glows from within your inner most being. Happiness is oneness. Happiness is you being totally whole, totally centered, and truly loving of who you are without debilitating self-criticism glaring back at you. Happiness is when you can laugh just because you are ecstatic to be breathing.

For ENTIRELY too DAMN long, I grew dependent on money, men & material possessions, because I truly believed that those factors would bring me that wholeness I desired. I literally lost myself in the pursuit of happiness, because I was desperately walking the wrong paths to acquire this euphoria. Ironically, I ended up gaining unhappiness on my pursuit of happiness, because I was AVIDLY searching for it in ALL the wrong places. I wasn’t diving into the very corners of my own beautiful soul; I wasn’t venturing into the deep avenues of my heart; honestly, I was barely even looking at myself in the mirror. I simply didn’t love myself.

My Dad once told me to “look past the trappings & find the substance”. And I’ve grown to realize that trappings are EVERYWHERE in this world, and they can trick our minds into believing that we NEED money, we NEED a partner, or that we NEED to be like somebody else. All of that is dead wrong & will only bring us sorrow.

Listen, it’s imperative that we declutter our minds, & jump into the deepest parts of our souls. I found true happiness once I let go of the hurt, the pain, the guilt, & the anxiety in my life. I discovered my power again, I retrieved my voice, I could look at myself in the mirror & truly see beauty within my flaws. Let me tell you…your soul is beautiful, your body is radiant, your mind is magical, you are ENOUGH, & true happiness solely resides within you. The pursuit of happiness is not as complex as the world portrays it to be. YOU have held the key your whole life, YOU just haven’t unlocked that part of your soul. So, release your mind of the material trappings, forgive your past, forgive yourself, cut your unhealthy attachments, & unlock your happiness that is waiting to be unleashed.

15 tips to unlocking your happiness.

1.       Daily affirmations – tell yourself “I am powerful” “I am filled with love…I am love” “I am beautiful” “I am centered” “Life will flow how it supposed to flow, so I will not worry”

2.       Meditation

3.       Spend time to absorb Nature

4.       Take yourself on a solo date

5.       Show self-love  

6.       Forgive yourself…Forgive others

7.       Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts

8.       Learn to say NO

9.       Exercise

10.   Research Healing Crystals & Chakras (They are truly powerful)

11.   Release toxic relationships/friendships

12.   Trust your intuition

13.   Do what makes your soul glow

14.   Pursue that dream

15.   Take a shower & imagine the stress rinsing down the drain


 Healing Crystals for happiness: Rose Quartz & Citrine

Chakra: Heart Chakra

Affirmation: I am happy, I am joyful, & I will spread this positive energy wherever I go


Onesha Amy