Hi I’m Onesha Amy

I’m the owner of Jolie Esquire and I created this small business by following my intuition. I’m a lover of healing crystals, sage sticks & anything that fuels my Chakras. I am British born & raised, but I have spent half of my life residing in the good ol’ US of A….the state of Georgia to be exact.  

But who am I really? How would I truly describe my most inner being? Well……I’m a spiritual woman that has FINALLY discovered her soul. I am a soulful woman drenched in peace. I am a strong woman that believes there is truth within all religions. I am a beautiful woman that finally realizes the importance of self-worth. Ultimately, I’m a woman that embraces the beauty of ALL life & I desire to spread my positive energy through my creations.

My small business stems from my soul which is a real & raw place of truth. Jolie Esquire, is a representation of me trusting the universe & allowing life to flow in in its natural direction.

Our minds tend to interrupt our destiny. Our minds tend to put us on front street right next to anxiety. So, let’s release those unhealthy attachments, STOP OVERTHINKING, & LIVE IN THE PRESENT. Let’s lose our minds & find our souls. I pray you find the enlightenment, self-worth, & positive energy that will radiate through my handmade products.


Onesha Amy

P.S. I also have a passion for writing, so I will be uploading the occasional Blog Post or Poem.